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Nancy J


Many more anniversaries to you!

Hope you get lots of pictures of Schnickel...


Happy Anniversary, Lisa!


Happy Anniversary!

I agree wholeheartedly on what makes a long marriage. My husband and I have been together for 17 - more than half the time you and your husband have been together, but still a long time in the world we live in.

There is still NO ONE I'd rather spend time with - no matter how challenging life may become.

Thank you for your post.


Big congratulations to you both. I think one of the things that has gotten us through our 25 so far years is just keeping going. And believing, really believing in love; that it is strong, that it ebbs and flows but is always present.

We didn't marry young, but both of our families came to us and said - Are you sure you know what you're getting into? They didn't give us more than 1 year. The second time we met his Mom, we had driven 12 hours to Boston and pulled into her driveway, hadn't even gotten out of the car when she pops out of the house and cheerfully chirrs - Well, have you changed your minds yet?

Ha! Double ha! Have a wonderful day.

Jen Johansson

Happy anniversary!

Janice in GA

Ah, happy anniversary! Sometimes things work out just fine in spite of the non-cooperation of relatives. Maybe even because of it. :)


Happy anniversary, you young'uns, you. Here's to the next 32. And the ones after that.

Sheila E

Ahhhhh!! What a special blog. You two are SO great together!
How lovely that you got to share this time with Mr. Silly!!...A boy, a Grampy & a Backhoe...what more could one need on an Anniversary?
Hugs to All Three!!

Tom Clark

You are so amazing Lisa. I'm so glad you came into my life and that I get to watch the layers being peeled back one at a time and seeing all of that deliciousness coming out to play.

There's a crazy romantic wonderfulness to your story of getting married. Perhaps it's even more wonderful now that it's the foundation for a lifetime of togetherness and hard work and old shoe comfort.

You guys are an inspiration and a joy! Much love to both of you.


All I can say is "Amen!" :-) Happiest of anniversaries to two people who couldn't deserve it more - you guys are the best! Mwah!

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