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Nancy J

And a very, very merry family Christmas to You and to yours, Lisa. I just know you'll have to take hundreds of pics and share a couple here!


Such wonderfulness for Christmas and coming into the New Year! So glad you get to have more family around this year.


It looks like its going to be a fun Christmas. Have a very merry, and a wonderful New Year!

Tom Clark

Merry Christmas to all the Souzas and their loved ones! So wonderful having you and your cashmere in my life Lisa. :-)

Tom Clark


If that stream is on your property I'm going to be so jealous I don't know what I'll do. That's like my biggest fantasy in the world - to live once more in a home by a stream.

So amazing, so fabulous. See what you get for hanging in there?!

Lisa Souza

Thanks for the wishes, everybody. It was a lovely gathering.

Hey, Tom...there are TWO streams on the property...oh yeah and it is snowing right now...much excitement for a sea level gal.

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