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I'll see you at Stitches West! I'm attending the market on Friday and will specifically look for you!

Sheila E

Yippee!! Can't wait until you are actually IN that beautiful place...all organized and such! Then I can come and yammer whilst you do your magic ;)
The picture of the sky is Awesome!!
Happy Days!

Carrie Mc W

See you at Stitches West on Saturday...hope you haven't been cleaned out by then!


Three weeks, can't wait... Glad your mom's happy to be where she is, meantime.

Laura in ALameda

Wow- amazing what enough oxygen to the brain can do- glad your mom is feeling better. People's behavior frequently improves on O2, also. What a beautiful sky picture. Thanks.


Holey moley, 'scenery dust'. Who knew.

Enjoy watching your studio appear!


i am so glad to hear that they have a diagnosis and are able to get your mom the treatment that she needs. it sounds like she is in a great place which should ease your mind a great deal. the photos are awesome!


Reading Laura's comment, I'm suddenly thinking of my friend Lynda, a postpolio patient--when her oxygen levels got too low, she would get very combative and antagonistic, and the paramedics had a time with her--she wasn't rational. Once they got oxygen going, she was her sweet self.


Wow, what a beautiful sky pix. And I'm going to miss SW - dang...
I'm so glad your mom is improving and the studio is moving along... all good news!


Makes me wonder what OTHER things in the world can create health problems that we don't know about yet.

You are going to have a dedicated craft space. I am so jelaous.

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