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Please feel better very soon! Ginger tea!


This year they guess wrong on what type of flu would be going around so the flu shot wasn't much protection. Feel better soon!


I got the flu shot, and I caught the flu last month, along with everybody I know. There's not only a bad bug going around, but since the shot only partly covers it, it means there are more germs in the general population to spread around; it seems several people in my knitting group came home with it from Stitches. Sorry you caught it!


Poor baby!

As the other comments mention, the flu virus selection gamble was wrong this year. It also seems like an exceptionally *bad* year for lingering viruses (virii?). So many people at work have been or are currently really sick. Even the ones who usually don't get anything. My general cubicle area sounds like a TB ward right now.

Usually I get sick every year no matter what, but oddly resistant this year. So far anyway. Knock on wood.

Get better quick!


Feel better soon!!!

Kerry Palm

Ugh. I hope it doesn't last long. Feel better, sweetie!


Oh, no! Hope you feel better soon.


Funny - I got a flu shot this year and I got the flu, too. I am still coughing the wheezy cough 3 weeks later. It's hard on a singer to cough that long! I found a herbal tincture called Bronchi Blend that seemed to help me through the worst of it.
Tea, tea and more tea. Gypsy Cold Care is pretty good, too!


Checking in on you to see how you're doing...


feel better!

Vicki M

You're not the only one who got the flu. Hubby was nice enough to bring it home from work. When he popped 102 degree fever I called the doctor for Tamiflu. I hate to think how sick I would have been without the medicine. It was a rough go anyway. This is the worst flu bug we've had since 1996. My voice is finally coming back and I'm not hacking so much. Hope you're feeling better soon.

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