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Elizabeth Risch

What a lovely day you had! Beautiful pictures. Jacob looks so much like his grandpa, it's scary.


Too wet here, too dry there. Both bad situations.

Love the sheep! Wonder if they'd scare away bunnies. They're the critters doing the damage around here.


Great rock garden.....baaaahh!


I saw the news yesterday about all the fires in northern California and saw there were even some north of Sacramento, I was hoping they were not near you.
A friend's husband makes a puree of jalapeno peppers and water and mists it onto his shrubbery so that deer will be discouraged. I think it helps some.
I love your little animals. Any chance you'd get a real goat?


I had to embiggen it to see the sheep, and then laughed--those are cute!

But meantime, I'm glad the lightning strikes didn't get closer! 842 was the last fire count I heard. It's smoky out there, even down here.

Hey, you--I bought a skein of merino/silk from you, tagless, so not sure which colorway name applies to it but I'm wearing it to the niece's wedding this weekend.


You guys okay up there?

Tom Clark

I'm kind of glad it's working out that I can't stop by on my way to Montana - sounds like all the smoke would mess these crazy sinuses up in a hurry.

I'm on my way to Yellowstone and the ranch in Montana today. Will catch up with you as often as possible over the next couple of months.

big loves...


Are things getting any better your way? We had a nice, less smoky day yesterday, but the high country was covered with smoke from the fire at Yuba Gap, which got worse yesterday afternoon... I am dreading a whole summer like this.

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