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He looks like a colorway to me. (If you paint it, I will come...)


I agree with Jan. He looks like he has an ATTITUDE.


He has toaditude! heehee

At the closing ceremony for Emily's school this month, among all the feet sitting and tapping and coming and going there was a poor lost guy just like that one. I had my hands full of camera but somebody's grandma caught him and took him to where he wouldn't get walked on.


You live a ribbiting life up there in the woods. Toadilly.


Live for Toad Day?

Paula D.

I wouldn't want to be a bug around him, I wouldn't be long for the world!


The toad is adorable, but I am now lusting after all things fibery! Ack! It's so gorgeous that I want it all!

:sigh: I am totally sucked in.

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