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I'm surprised those yarns are going home with someone else when I can hear them calling my name, plain as day!

Sounds like you had a great 4th!


I do remember my first trike. I use to ride it out into the cow pasture when it was time for the cows to come in for milking. Think how nasty the wheels must have gotten! I don't remember riding it in the house!


Gads, your spinning is enviable. I remember my training wheels bike, but not a trike.


I have an ornate antique table, in my oh-so-plain-lines-modern Californian house, that I inherited from my grandparents: it was made in the early days of Virginia City. (My grandmother loved antiques.) I can just picture the wheeler-dealering that might have been going on on its surface back in the day.

My ancestors stopped in Utah, Lisa, till my grandparents moved to Carson City NV.


Gawd! the yarn is gorgeous, what wonderful spinning you've done. I could almost see the Schnickle's reaction - the slow check it out phase, the finally get on it phase and the utter joy of really pedaling. So cool! It was awhile ago, but my son did something similar :)


My sister and I had 2 trikes. A green one and a red one. The red one was the best because it had a little platform just lieek the one on yours here and you could give people rides!

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