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Sorry about your mother, but no guilt trips allowed. You've done more that most.

As to the photos, all are showing on both my Intel iMac and my iPod touch. The yarn is gorgeous and Schnickle is growing like crazy.

Hugs and good wishes,


Lisa, your pictures are showing up beautifully on my G4 iMac -- great yarn.

Lisa Souza

Well, that means that it is JUST US. Phooey. Now Rod has to figure out what is stinky on our two computers. Thanks to my Mac Users!


Sometimes I think one of the valuable things abusive people do is teach us how kind we are just in the fact that we keep trying.


I should add, but sometimes there must be limits. For their sake as well as ours.

Lyle Rice

Hi Lisa

I also have a MAC with OS10.4 and I see the pictures just fine.

Glad to hear that you are safe hopefully the fires aren't too close to you.

Take care


Been thinking of you, wondering how you were making out with the CA wildfires. Hope that you are still okay.

Just hang on. That goes for both home and the Placerville fronts.


Sorry about the double post. This laptop is weird. Please delete the extra post for me and this one too. Thanks


Beautiful yarns!! I have to confess - the Bachelorette sucked me in, too! Wonder if she and Jessie have broken up yet? Poor Jason! Every first show, I swear I am NOT going to watch.


Oh Lisa, you are singing my song about mothers. I bet we're related. We must be.

My mom died in July, unexpectedly, and I am left with so many conflicting feelings about her death and our relationship.

That's why I bought some of your "Wild Things" at OFFF... have kinda been feeling like one lately.

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