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Linda Watson

Good for you for using the dishes. I have my mom's good dishes, which I never use because I don't like them. Funny thing is, neither did she. My dad gave them to her one Christmas and how he ever thought my mother, the original earth-mother, would ever like delicate pink flowers on white china was, and still is, an amazing thing. I'd forgotten I had them until I read your post.


I second the 'good for you for using them' thought.

I was snubbing the just-finished (I thought) shawl with the dropped stitch needing repair I found at blocking--aagh! and spent hours today concocting new design ideas and then rooting through my stash to try to match yarn to the ideas now on paper. Found my Merino!Sock in Siobhan--perfect retail therapy and already right there waiting for me. Yay! I very happily cast on and am loving the colors turning out just so across the needles. Thank you, Lisa, I needed that! It's a beautiful colorway!


I'm glad your using the "good stuff" too! I will never forget an Erma Bombeck article on just that thing - only hers was her Mom's good slip.

I wish I could lie down in that fiber . . . it's fabulous! (oh, and btw we have a German Shepard, and an Australian Shepard at Chez Potere) :)

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