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It's me, Joyce. Fun to see Rita and Steph and the yarn they have picked out. I'm excited to get going on the socks....can't wait to get your yarn in my hands!


I was very ambivalent about watching the opening ceremonies too and saw only a small part of it late at night. I was overwhelmed by it... those drummers... I do not have a rhythmic bone in my body so to see 2008 drummers do the exact same thing at the exact same moment is amazing :)

So there are (stress that word) people who spin enough yarn on a spindle to make a sweater with... I found some batts that I can spin on my spindle without driving me batty and a tiny part of my brain was thinking of spinning a sweater's worth of the stuff... but I decided to try it on the wheel first hehehe.

Cheers Eva

Julie Law

We all loved meeting you!!and seeing your beautiful yarns. You are such fun to be with. Thanks for the tour. My mother IS a pistol - eats right and exercises. Oh well.
Enjoy your lovely place in paradise.


What a small world...we spent the night at the Alfred Shafsky house this past June...mainly becuase of the train room!

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