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Peace be with you.


I just love you Lisa, you say exactly the right words to tell your story, and it's so lovely. I too am using your OMG soft Baby Alpaca Sport that you so graciously dyed just for me before SE. The neckwarmer is coming along wonderfully. Slowly though due to some stuff here, but I will finish it soon and send you a pix. peace


Yes. Beautiful. Thank you.


I love your new haircut, don't know how I missed that, but with me it's hit or miss it seems. Anyway - welcome back to the knitting "zone" we're so glad you came!

Tom Clark

That was wonderful Lisa. Read it twice just to be sure I got it all.

Hey, knit me up a sweater, wonthcya love. I'm collecting cashmere sweaters and I figure the collection could benefit from one of yours.


Madame Purl

I was just looking at your reading list. We seem to have the same taste. I think Tandia was better than the Power of One, but I really loved them both.


Welcome home indeed. Wonderful post, Lisa.

And you make it possible to find solace in our knitting because of the wonderful colorways you create.

Passing on the solace. I like the feeling of it.


It was so good to get to see you. My Timbuktoo shawl is hurrying along in the pattern I designed for Kate.

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