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Thank goodness for a cute grandson to make you laugh while the rest plays out. And Brenda, beautiful work as always.

Someone was hawking a pristine copy of The Washington Post's front page for $400/copy, the day after the election; the Post found out and ran a few bajillion more copies to sell as souvenirs. My hubby bagged me one in the airport, coming into Baltimore. That paper in my lap with that headline made me many an instant friend in that airport. Good times.


That Brenda! What a talented vixen. :)


Lovely scarf and adorable vest.

I hope your mother is doing better. The Kaiser folks will take good care of her. They are very good at looking after the older folks and making sure that they are getting the care they need.


Love the skunk!! The new stuff is exciting too.

Hugs!!! White light to you and your mom and friend.

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