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Wave hi to the Peachtree State and my sister for me and have a good trip. Thank you both for taking care of your mom the way you do, with love and caring.

And? Hey. I once went with my grandparents to their favorite weekly restaurant, and when my 94-year-old grandpa placed his order, the waitress behind his back smiled at my cousin and whispered to him, It's okay, I know what he really wants, don't worry.

When the food came, Grampa was of course delighted. She'd gotten it right!


Yes Lisa, go to Atlanta and play like crazy. I'm glad to hear your feeling better too. Have a great show!

Sheila E

See you Soon!
Have a good trip...hope you get to sleep on the plane.
Atlanta here we come!!


Takes a long time to get to where she can't hurt you any more. It's a very important, strong jumping off point for the starting of resolution.

Yeesh shingles sound horrible. I had to laugh at that picture of the bra over the roof.

Liz C.

I've never posted before but have been an avid reader for quite some time now. The way that you have been so honest and real about what you are going through in your life with your mother has been such a gift. I too, had a difficult relationship with my Mom and it has helped me to sort things out about my relationship by you sharing yours. Your strength is an inspiration. I hope you enjoy your trip to Atlanta and it is very successful for you. I also hope your battle with shingles is over soon!

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