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Wow. I know I've seen pictures of Tussah moths, I don't remember if they have those wonderful eyes or not.


It's a Polythemis moth.


Oops, I meant Polyphemus moth.

Erik Souza

Aww poor fella! He looks like he is handling it pretty well in that picture :) What a cool moth as well!


That moth is doing a bit of a Tammy Faye Bakker on the eyeshadow, don'tcha think?

Sympathies to the Schnickle. I lost my front teeth at three the hard way too.


poor schnickle!!!
your gardens are lovely!

Tom Clark

I'm not sure it's even possible for little boys to grow up without battle scars and broken teeth and a couple of broken bones. Between the three of us boys and my dad in my family there were continuous visits to emergency rooms all over the planet. Blood and stitches, blood and stitches; the mantra of a young boy's life!

Does he still get excited looking at the ATV magazines? If so then he's fine. :-)


Wow! That moth is godsmacking gorgeous! So sorry for the Schnickle. . . my son did the same thing when he was a toddler!

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