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Well, bless your little pea pickin'... no wait, yarn dyin' heart.

You had too much on your plate. No wonder you upchucked.

I'm glad it all got sorted out.

Go forth and be yourself again!!!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Welcome back! I'm glad you're taking care of yourself and doing better. Here's to good health and feeling good!


Wouldn't you know. You finally get close to my neck of the woods, where I can actually meet you and I won't be able to make it that direction. But I am really glad you are doing so much better!


holy shit girlfriend, take care of yourself!!!!!!!!!


Nitrous is good. Nitrous is very good. And, btw, you have to take care of yourself otherwise you can't take care of anyone else. Ask me how I know.


So glad you're feeling better!!! You sound very much at peace.

Mother Chaos

Gah! Ma'am, you have had oneheckuva ride lately!

Glad to see you posting happy now, though. I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were. :)

Paula D.

Glad to hear you've come back and met yourself in the middle. It's just amazes me how much we can handle before our bodies decide enough is enough.


Emily has absolutely no fears or negative ideas about the dentist because 1) her dentist is awesome and 2) she gets nitrous whenever she needs a filling. So get it! life is too short to waste time being unhappy about the dentist!

Erik Souza

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better! We know the pain in the butt that website problems can cause, that's for sure - you don't know how much you take something for granted until there is an issue. Looking forward to coming out there! Just a few more days :)


Yeah! I'm glad you're doing awesomely. It has been a rough time for you. Take care of yourself.


OMG Lisa, I am so glad to hear you are doing better now! Loving the updates via e-mail, and drooling at the new site. You take care of yourself now!! Huggs -

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