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Knit Witch

What a fun day!!!!


So did the woman with the pink wheels win??

Lisa S

Nah, she ran her car even after the tires were torn off! I just think that her engine finally gave up the ghost but she was as aggressive as the boys, to be sure. The guy who won last year did it again. His car started out in great shape with a beautiful red paint job with U2 on the sides. By the end, it was not quite a Mad Max car but CLOSE.


omg! when did tht adorable baby become that handsome young man!!!!!!

Lisa S

Crazy, isn¹t it? The Schnickle is the funniest being. He loves to sing ³Hit
Me With Your Best Grammy, Fiah awaaaaayyyyyy². 3 is a great age...too bad he
fell down and popped out that front tooth because he looks like he is
5...being really tall aids in that perception, too.

Your baby must be getting so big, too!

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