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Elizabeth RIsch

Holy cow, Lisa, you are one strong woman. I would have been a puddle on the floor, what with both generations with serious health problems and you were the sandwich filling! Hang in there, and pace yourself. You are in my prayers. Hugs, Elizabeth

Lisa S

Thanks Elizabeth. I did have one short wallow when my grandson was being a
little brat. I had just had enough...sometimes, well, things are too much.
Now we have a huge truck with a blown tire in the driveway. Why is it that
so many delivery and big rig guys got over the bridge for all of this time
and now we have dopes who blow their tires? Now we wait for his Tire
Guy...ready for a break from this.

Lisa :o) & :o(


Snickle must be dancing after his first day of school. Glad you are coping, but ehre we go with another time when Lisa needs to be taken care of, too. Autumn is coming early this year.


Oh my goodness! Wow. I am so glad you guys were so close by! And that she's okay! W O W!


You are definitly sandwich generation, both sides need help from time to time. If I get a chance to go to Canby I want to give you a hug.

Ellen in Conn

popping in from your knitty-ad, my sympathies about your Mom. My m-i-l has similar dictates, plus "no nursing home" ... Oh, I just can't wait until push comes to shove. (not)


Not looking forward to those kinds of decisions with my parents. Hope your Mom is okay :-D

Love the colors, too! Yum!

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