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Cool! You got to meet Tina, and now you get a pair of helping hands! I'll try not to be jealous on the Tina part; she and I grew up two miles and a year apart, and I can't wait to finally meet her in person.


Geesh, what was the hurry, anyway? As long as you're ready before the gate opens, who cares if it took you THREE days to set up?!

Yay, helping hands!!

...wait...does this mean MORE temptation is coming at us, sooner...?

Erik Souza

Sweet hat dad! The new display looks really nice, can't wait to see it in person, all set up :)

Denise in Kent, WA

I'm glad you had a good time at OFFF. It's one of my favorite local festivals, which is why I'm bummed that I haven't been able to make it down there in several years. Great looking booth!

Hooray on getting a new assistant! Flying solo is a lot of responsibility; at least now you have back up when things get hectic, and a helping hand in normal times.


Your booth looks great!

I'm using those grids, too, and keep two of them hooked together permanently, and then zip tie the sets of two to each other however they'll fit (depends on the booth). I really like them, and have switched over almost completely ~ I have a a 3x4 grid square thing that I put fatter skeins in, since they like to pop off the hangers.

Looks like it was a beautiful weekend! And congrats on the helper, too :-D


Your ears burning? Blogged your gorgeous yarn today.


And blogged it again today. Welcome home!


so many beautiful colours!


Just found your blog. I was lucky enough to attend the OFFF. I purchased some yarn from you and have enjoyed knitting ot up. See you next year.

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