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What a wonderful and informative 'rant'. Thank you for bringing up issues that often lay buried. I have missed your voice lately. I'll have to log on to my audible account (don't you LOVE them!) and check out Bills book also.


I am glad you posted this. I also saw some of the articles about the book being touted by "the right" and went ???? so so strange. But with your recommendation will definitely get it from Audible - it is good to "listen" and think, too!


Good rant! I've read AS two or three times many, many years ago. This Democrat still stands by portions of the book, but realistically -- and it is, after all, a novel. I was surprised to see this NYT book review and that the far right (who are far off in my book) have grabbed Rand:

Lisa Souza

The book on the iPod right now is The Colony. It is the story of the leper colony on Molokai and how people were banished to the island. When I was a kid, singing in the Catholic services at Treasure Island, one of the books that made quite an impression on me (freebee from the missionary people) was about Father Damien and the Lepers.
Another FAVORITE has been The Story of English. SO interesting, if you love language and jigsaw puzzles. :o)


I can't comment on AS, not having read it--but Ann Coulter is on record as saying that Joseph McCarthy has been maligned and is actually a Good Guy. I want to give her the famous public comeback given him, "Have you no sense of decency?"

Meantime I take great courage from your guy wanting people to actually talk and learn from each other. We need more like him--and you.


I still have the copy of Atlas Shrugged that I carried around in High School.
I probably would enjoy re-reading it!
Thanks for the reminder.

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