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love the colors, but the jewellry box spoke to me the most. i got a lot of my grandmother's stuff when she passed away, and while, yes, it is just stuff, it also instigates good memories. the little table that won't hold much beyond a telephone. the pyrex dish that STILL has a piece of masking tape with her name on it (she's been gone for 8 1/2 years, and probably didn't use it much as she was 96).

however, the #1 thing she gave me? the reason why i'm here at your website. a love of yarn, and fiber, and the artof creation. i think she would have LOVED knitting with my handspun, and all the crazy nutty things i come up with. why wait, indeed.

Shea Webb

Do you have any patterns for crocheters. I love your yarns.

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