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Janice in GA

After having a loved one with a long illness, the major thing you feel is relief. That's ok. Her battle's over now.

My thoughts are with you.


Oh no. I am so sorry for your loss.



My boyfriend went through something similar this summer with the passing of his dad after a long hard battle with cancer. When he passed, it was the same, the family was relieved to know he didn't have to suffer any longer. Your Mom has found peace. Love and light to you all.

Kate Lathrop

Lisa - please accept my sympathies on the loss of your mother. Your mom, you, and your family are in my thoughts and prayers


Sending positive thoughts your way. It's never easy. Hugs.


I am sorry for your loss. Am glad that your mom's suffering is over with. Please take care of yourself and know that whatever you feel, whenever you feel it, it is ok. Hugs.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Love to you and yours, Lisa.


Big hugs to you, Lisa. So sorry for your loss. I'll be thinking about you.


Please accept my condolences.
It's been a hard time for all of you.


you are all in my thoughts.


You are in my thoughts Lisa.


I'm very sorry for your loss.


I'm sorry Lisa. You know that the bad part is over for her.


My heartfelt condolences.


Your courage and humor through this past year have been inspiring. She was fortunate indeed.




Belting out a big, operatic, graduation song for your mom. Her spirit is free again.

YOU have been an amazing daughter, my friend. I'm sorry for your loss and wish I could hug you in person. Hope you feel it anyway.


Other than the treachery of the next few days, which they say are necessary for grief but I think are barbarous, it is time for you to finally relax.
You will become who you have been attempting to be for a long time now but were held back by forces beyond your control.
Great hugs and shoulders to cry on at unexpected moments for those things that should have been but never quite were...


So sorry for your loss.


Lisa, blessings on you and your family. My mother and I are about where you were a year ago. Your blog posts have been a comfort and inspiration. I hope I can go through this with as much courage and grace as you have shown.


I'm so sorry for you and your family. (((hugs)))


I'm so sorry for your loss Lisa. Many hugs for you and your family.


I lost my much beloved father after a short but gallant battle with lung cancer. Every morning, I would have a good cry...just in order to get through the day. The day he died, no tears. His funeral, no tears. At the time I wondered if something was wrong with me, but no....looking back he had relief and found peace. Eventually I found peace with it also. That's nearly 20 years ago. It takes time, but know that we are all thinking of you.....and I personally know that she must be in a better place, and finally at rest. Take care Lisa....

Denise Kinsley

Deepest condolences for your loss. At least you can take comfort in knowing your mom is finally at peace. Hugs!


My deepest sympathy for you and your family, Lisa. Hugs.

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