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Holly (the webmaster)

Thanks for sharing your journey! Where to next? Besides Stitches Midwest!

Erik Souza

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all of these photos, and the stories behind them. I am so happy that you and Dad get to go off and have such wonderful adventures together :) We have all come such a long way from Howe street, and the entire Souza Family are some kind of world travelers!

Sheila E

Good times...I too enjoyed your adventures. Such lovely memories!


A great travelogue with all the right elements: vivid descriptions of scenery, sites and people, human interest, beautiful photos, wistful finish-- I think you have another career if you ever decide to go into the travel-writing business!! Thanks so much for taking us with you.

Lisa S

Thanks everybody! I need to post pictures of yesterday's adventures, going down highway 89 to 395 to where my dad grew up, in Bishop. I hope that the camera caught the magnificent vistas!
I just want to go go go but then I want to come home to my forest and the bright little clearing in the middle. :o)

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