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Lisa, I went to my 40th (gasp) last July, in Stony Brook, NY. I had received invites to previous ones over the years but wasn't that interested. But when the invitation came for #40, I, and many, many classmates came from all over the country. It was awesome to see these beloved friends and hear all about the paths their lives had taken them on. So much was going on in 1969. My family moved to Pascagoula, Mississippi for my dad's work a week after school got out. That was awful to a NY girl, but it surely shaped me into the world traveler that I am today. I started hitch hiking around the country, ended up in Boston, then Germany then finally back in Boston. My fellow classmates had many similar experiences. We all were so happy to see each other, and after many of us surviving cancer and other ailments, it was wonderful to just be together. If you have anywhere near the happy experience that we had, you're in for a great time! Enjoy!

Lisa Souza

Oh Mary, you are just a KID. All three of these classes missed their 40th, I guess, because life just got in the way. Somehow, because we have more than a year to plan this, the anticipation and reconnection that is happening via the web will help us to cement the friendships again. When people were moaning about living so long, I thought that they were nuts, until I saw the memorial walls for our classes. Now I am more grateful, every day for health and happiness!


I think you have a Clearwing Sphinx Moth -- we get them here in PA too, but our variety doesn't have the bee stripes. Check it out here:

They are cool! Those hornworm caterpillars may be the same species.

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