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Well, a year is no a year unless it is a full ride! Here is to a wonderful 2011!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Happy New Year! I love your attitude (and your fiber). :) Here's to an even better 2011, and I hope to see you at Stitches West!


Happy New Year! I love hearing from you, and I'm so glad that it was such a healing time. Now - Time to enjoy yourselves. I hope to see you at Stitches West too. Go Ducks!


Happy New Year! More of the moving targets of life (and I love the jack-in-the-box analogy). You've lived the months with style, passion, and full heart.


I wanna see kitty pictures! These are two new kitties to me. Wasn't there another one who used to sit in your yarn? I forget her name.

Lisa Souza

Thanks everybody! Caroline, I will have to bring my camera over to the house and take some portraits of all of the cats. Sugar Pie is the little retired hunter who used to nap in my baskets of cashmere. She lives in the gated off side of the house with the dogs and old Sadie. She is 14 and the only sign of that is the loss of her upper fangs, from all of the rodent kills. Her Suite-mate, Sadie is probably a little older and LOOKS elderly. Teddy was chosen from the shelter by my step-father, 11 years ago. He is still very young looking and Geisha with the hangy-down-tummy is keeping him exercised. They live in the biggest part of the house, away from The Dogs.


Beautiful. Light the lights and the colors brightly through any dark--and you do.

Happy New Year, and I'm so happy for you all that there's a new baby coming into your family: new life, new eyes, deep happiness.

Erik Souza

Well, two weeks late to the blog post party, but better late than never! 2010 was such a great year and I love having you and Dad, Lauren, Jacob and Brian part of my life. Here's to a kick ass 2011!

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