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My sister-in-law's mastectomy is this week--thank you for getting that mammogram, even if it was so hair-raising!


so much better to have a pesky doc than one who is too busy to check on all of your tests - keep up the good work! (both of you)


I too am glad you got the Mammoslam. My mom died of BC and I loath getting the girls mangled but I do it every year. I get to skip every other year now that I'm so "clear", yippee!

Vitamin D is definitely my friend. I'm a pasty white girl and take 5000mg each and every day. The sun here above the 45th parallel is strong enough only 10 weeks of the year for my skin to actually get it's vitamins. B12 is another one that I can't seem to get enough of but boy howdy it's a nice lift!

Glad to hear everything is A-OK!


I have been doing the same thing lately..trying to be good. So I get my labs done, and Kaiser calls me to tell me my cholesterol is "very high". WHAT?! When did that happen? I ask her for the number and she says 164. Ummm..I thought anything under 200 was what we were supposed to aim for? Nope, not anymore. AHA tuned up those numbers and now it's 120 or below. Great. The woman now tells me "vegan would be the way to go. You need to cut out any food that comes from a source with a liver." I might add this was a non-fasting test, so I'm to go back in 3 months for a fasting test. Meantime, the mini-stepper has been brought out of the closet.

I hope all goes well for you!! :=)


Geez! Makes you wonder about the new school mammograms on demand, doesn't it?

Did they at least send you home with the really cool apple shaped cutting board that said "Thrive" on it? Weirdest swag ever.


Good for you getting caught up on all those nasty tests. I was diagnosed with BC following my annual m-gram in 08. Caught early, because I get checked every year. Even with early detection I had 14 months of treatment. Not fun, definitely, but I'm still here and well. I know other cancer sisters who waited too long and they had it much worse. Annual digital m-grams give the best data. Any test beats no test, however monthly self exams don't work very well. Mine was located right on the chest wall, so by the time I found it myself it would have been too late. Take care of yourself.

Lisa S

Got the All Clear with the whole HPV test and so no cancer. No cutting board, either, Cookie! Just glad that the OB does not need to see me for THREE years! amazing but something to be said for having one partner, I guess...


Nothing more heart stopping than the call-back. Yeah. Then you feel like you have a new lease on life.

We are like used cars: running fine, just need a little more maintenance.

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