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Congrats on the new grandbaby! That will be so awesome for everyone.

Rottie story: good friend has had several rots over the years. Last time we were back to visit them in PA they asked if we wanted to see Bubba play ball....sure we they go and open the shed and he trots in and picks up his ball....A BOWLING BALL!! That he carries around and plays fetch with!


Indeed it does. Here's to looking at new beginnings!


Lisa, I'm so sorry for your loss...and delighted about the new grandbaby on the way! Sorrow and joy in a single cup, life surely does like to throw things with no regard to order, doesn't it?!

Renee Rothmann

Just a thought. My best friend had a dog named Bear when we were in college. I always think of him as her first husband. He was unbelievably loyal, so smart, was always with her and seemed like he had a soul that had cycled through here many many times. His only incongruous feature that was just Naughty Dog was that if she left underwear lying around, he would eat the crotch as enthusiastically as if her underpants were made out of beluga caviar, and I NEVER saw him do it. He was a closet underpants eater!! It seemed so completely out of character, and she never never complained about it and when he died, she made a little shrine for him and then completely fell apart.

Lisa S

Renee, that story is hilarious. I could never blow my nose without a "friend" getting up from a dead sleep to beg for the Kleenex. I swear, on the way down to the ER, I was sniffling away and blew my nose...she wanted that damned Kleenex. Oh no, Missy, that is not going to be the last thing in your stomach. Hahahaha!


Lisa - Apologies for coming into this late. I am so sorry for your loss. We should be so lucky to have all of our relationships be a good as those we have with our companion animals. A friend has a Rottie and I will give the big lug - a leaner if there ever was one - an extra scritch behind the ears in honor of your Sasha when I next see him.

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