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I hope your Sunday is a lovely, healing day. You've been on my mind ever since I read your post yesterday. Give Tank a big hug from everyone out here on the internet, and save some love for yourself while you're at it!


I had to put a Lab to sleep, they are so stoic. We did it the same way you did. He was a good dog. And naughty.

You know how sometimes you'll prop open the fridge door with the crisper drawer while you are getting out the salad ingredients? One time he snuck up on it, stole a tomato out of the drawer and took off.

Lisa S

Giving Tank lots of hugs, Dana.
The vision of a tomato being purloined from the crisper made me laugh! She loved her veggies. :o)


crgilvr - that is funny - reminds me of a cocker spaniel we had - she would love to steal tomatoes right off the vine!

Lisa, thanks for the email. We did get the call from the vet today - it is definitely cancer but we have decided, due to his age, that we will not do any interventions until it is time...

Miriam Eckblade

I was going to comment on your previous post, but by the time I pulled myself together, you had another post up. I'm so sorry you lost your Sasha. I have a beautiful black dog, too - Sheba. She is a 13 year old, blind, chow mix and she is showing her age somewhat, though she still really enjoys her evening sessions with her treat-filled toy. She got some extra attention and treats from Sasha's memory.


I was winding some of your cashmere/silk fingering just now and needed to come to your blog to see what-all you were up to these days. Oh, Lisa! I'm so sorry you lost Sasha!

She was loving and well loved. She and Tank, good dogs both. I'm so glad I got to meet them in person back in Lafayette.


Ah, there's something about the rottie/lab mix. That face. That coyness. Hysterical. My Grant is one. I'm so sorry that you lost yours.

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