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Oh Lisa, what a beautiful way you told this story. I had to put my own girl down this last year, and it is not easy, but the right decision. I'm sending you big hugs right now. It's been about 8 months since I lost my Annabelle and I am beginning to feel ready for a new dog or cat in my life. (at least that's what I think it means when I find myself looking at the shelter website late at night).


Oh, Lisa, there just aren't words in the world. May the level of sorrow you feel now be balanced by the level of joy you will feel when you and Sasha meet next.


I have had to do this and will again and just reading your entry here makes me tear up. It's a sad and yet good thing that we care so much for our animals. I'm so sorry for your loss and yes, I too look forward to meeting all my pets again someday.


Lisa, what am amazing dog Sasha was. I have no other words right now.

LaNorris Federick-Bullock

Lisa....what a beautiful story. Last year we had to put our cat to sleep. It was soooo hard but you are goes on and you still have another to care for. We got our dog and cat when they were both about 9weeks old from the SPCA so the dog misses her playmate and she too is getting up in age. Keep knowing that you will see Sasha again....


man, oh man. Hugs to you, sweetie.


Iam so so sorry. Friday we learned our dog has rectal cancer. Well, a tumor at any rate. Monday we will find out if it is benign or malignant, but from reading up on the surgery I do not think we can do that to him...especially since, if it is malignant, all that pain results in only a year or two more if he responds to the chemo & radiation. He was a rescue dog too, and we dont know how old he is - somewhere past 12. At this point he is not in pain, and is still Happy Jack...Lots and lots and lots of hugs. I know she is watching you and thanking you for the best life she could have, and the easiest, and most humane, end.


That just broke my heart. I worked at an animal clinic and the loss of a pet never ceases to move me. I'm sorry for your loss, but you did the right thing for her. I hope your memories of her sustain you when you get lonely.


What a very beautifully written tribute about your beloved Sasha. I could barely see through my tears as I read it. She was a very lucky pupper to have you all. Hugs.


I'm so sorry for your loss. Our furry friends always seem to go too soon.

Rachael Switalski

Oh Lisa, my heart is breaking for you. I will give my pups an extra hug or 10 today in Sasha's honor. Take comfort in your memories and the knowledge that you will meet her again someday.

kiwigirl42 (Adee)

I've got a chocolate lab and I dread having to take your decision. What a wonderful friend she was.
I had to get my 18yr old ginger tom cat put down 3 yrs ago and we still miss him as he was so unique - but now we laugh at the memories instead of crying about them. Time heals.


So sorry to hear about Sasha. I know your other pets will love you extra because they can tell you need it.


Lisa, my mom told me about your blog post and that I had to read it because one of my dogs sounds very like your Sasha. I confess, I put off reading it because I knew it would be tough, and it was. Absolutely, heartbreakingly beautiful, but tough. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute...

Lisa S

Thanks Deirdre, it was hard for me to open this page, just now but I needed to tell you that there is a picture of Sasha's tree on the latest post that was put up, just now. Tank and Boopie are hanging out with me, here in the office, right now.

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