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(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Goosebumps! What a lovely way to have lots of smaller contributions turn into something really big. It's a great reminder that no matter what we should give what we can - because what we can do is better than doing nothing.

I love that horse schnozz!


Great work!

Lisa Souza

Thanks, Caroline. Rachel, everyone who bought one skein or twenty four (yes, they did, those horse loving fiber junkies) did a lot to help us get to that remarkable amount. It proves that we can accomplish a LOT with a little bit at a time. I hope to see what has been made, from this colorway!


Thanks so much for sharing this, and for all the work your team did to make this wonderful donation happen.

Lisa Souza

I wanted to make certain that everyone who bought the yarn got to see where the money went, Sandi! It was my first visit and now it is all concrete, in my mind. Nobody is getting rich, running this place but the wealth is in the shiny coats of all of the creatures living on the land.

Vickie in Cali

Oh thank you SO much for this. I bought a couple of your Appaloosa skeins for this project and am so very happy to see what a success it was! How beautiful and wonderful thesse creatures are and how awesome to see at least some of these very special blessings from God being so well cared for.

Thank you for this wonderful project and thank you for letting us be at least a small part of it.


What a wonderful post. Thank you Lisa, Lorrie, and Rod for bringing this organization to the forefront and for raising the funds so badly needed for their good works.

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