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Lisa, I need to reach for, once again, a tissue. The word's you so generously bestowed upon we, the reader's, warmed me to the core. I can only remember Rob a bit, but, after allowing your phenomenal semantics to surround me, I truly feel as though I knew him well!!!
I cannot ever imagine anyone describing me in such magnificence and glorious pulchritude!! The words which you chose to embrace Robs being, are truly breathtaking and awe inspiring.
I will "attempt" to begin each day with all the POSSITIVENESS which Rob so totally embraced and lived by. I can only hope that when my "time comes", someone feels for me just a diminutive bit of the depth and breadth of honor you so lovingly blanketed Robs "passing" with. Thank you Lisa again, for allowing me to partake in yet, one more "Lisa life experience" which come your way in such magnificence and brilliance!!!
Thank you Rob Jue, for the gift's you so unselfishly shared with family, friend's and, yes, people like me who can only dream of attaining the peace you so amazingly acquired while you were here. I am so very sure the next "journey" will be, yet another wondrous experience for you and those surrounding you!!! YES, Mr. Jue, you are now and always will be, a "MENSCH"


Oh, Lisa. Such a beautiful prayer to Life. What a blessing of a man. Thank you.

Lisa Souza

we laughed, we cried, we heard stories and music, and in the end, walked a little taller, knowing that we gave Rob's spirit as much as he gave us. His 93 year old dad thanked all of us and we cried, some more. His children choked on their words and we felt tears flow. In the end, Rod and I spent an hour at a local watering hole, with childhood friends, dampening the emotion of the day with talk and libations. I am exhausted and glad to be home.


Lisa, thank you for sharing. This has given me a new perspective on Thanksgiving.


You were very lucky to have known him.

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