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So many and I. Same type of "wedding" same type of parental response, same success story too, btw! We will celebrate our 43rd in July. It is wonderful to be able to reflect....and look forward. Love this stage of life. Also, kind of glad the styrofoam ball - pins and beads Christmas ornaments are a thing of the past! Congrats on 43 yrs, Lisa. Keep up the good work....many more!


What an exquisite tribute. You two are the best and it is my great pleasure to know you at least a little.

Janice in Ga

What an awesome love letter to your marriage & husband. :) I'm so happy y'all have found love and a good life together.

Best wishes for many more happy, healthy, love-filled years together!

Renee Rothmann

congratulations to you and Rod. It is always easy to see the two of you together-- the kind of ease that comes from genuine love, respect and trust. good work you guys!!

Sheila Ernst

It's such a wonder to be in love with the person you are married to!
Also tenacity!
Congratulations on that BIG number.
Rock on ;)


Happy anniversary, guys. You did very well!


Such a lovely post, Lisa! Those of us who have been married over 40 years are somewhat of an anomaly, aren't we? I love your sweet love story that continues to this day.


Happy anniverary, you two! I always tell my DH to look for my energy in the next iteration. You are so lucky to have recognized each other when you found each other.

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