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Beautifully and so thoughtfully expressed, Lisa.

I'm with you, those assault rifles have no place in the hands of the citizenry in our country. None, whatsoever.


Thank you, a thousand times over. Thank you.

We were in Texas last week, taking care of aging parents, and I was stunned walking into a grocery store to see a sign at the front warning that it was illegal to carry a concealed weapon into that store if you didn't have a permit.

Wait. So it's a baldly stated assumption that people walking into that store are going to be doing so with a deadly weapon, with a gentle reminder to do so in a way that follows the state's law? How very righteous of Texas to have any law that might curb such an impulse in the slightest way (and you know there are people there challenging that.)


Agree. There is no place for weapons this destructive in the hands of ordinary people. It is ironic to me that his mother found a justification for owning them, and the first thing her son did with them when he got his hands on them was kill her. How much protection did they afford her? Of what value were they to her, in the end??

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