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Yow. Thank you for braving Bill to take care of a beautiful creature.


Thanks for rescuing the chicken!! I know exactly what you mean about making chicken noises.... we used to have chickens and I taught my daughters how to master sounding like one..



Maybe just a phone call to Bill to see how the chicken is? Your love of animals is something I resonate with, and I admire your willingness to go out of your way to help them.


In my extended family, "I have a gun" means "I will protect my livestock," not "I intend to shoot my neighbors", but I can see how the situation could be unnerving.

If you have chickens in a semi rural area like that, you DO need a gun! A shotgun/rifle, not an M16. My cousins had a bear come into the back yard and kill their cat in front of their children, who made it into the house in time. If the husband was there, they'd have had fresh bear meat. Not sure why, but my cousin never learned to shoot. Our grandfather only taught the boys. :(

I hope the chicken is all right, too!

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