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I'd like to call you AMAZING!!! All the best to you in this new adventure.

Renee Rothmann

so cool!! Lisa, you are the most amazing. Your excitement was jumping out of my computer! This means I'm going to have to learn to spin, doesn't it?


Wow, wow, wow! Congratulations Lisa, that is wonderful and exciting news! I wish you the very best on your new business venture. Between your passion and Rod's support, Weaver Creek Fibers is getting a fantastic start. See you soon.


WoW and Congratulations! This IS exciting!!!


Wow, Lisa! That is so exciting!! You know, it's those serendipitous moments that we can either embrace or throw away that determine so much of where the rest of our lives go. I'm happy that you chose the road of possibilities!

Lisa Souza

Thanks, everybody! Yes, Renee, you will need to learn to spin The Good Stuff.
Mokihana, you nailed it.


OK, you are crazy! But I was one of Melissa's customers, and I am thrilled you will be taking on the business! Plus! I might just save on shipping and Drive Over To Pick Stuff up!!

Congratulations! and Yay! from me :).

Lisa S

I saw your name on the list, Sara! Yes, I am SO much closer than Melissa and we can certainly do such things to save you (and others that are relatively local) some moolah. I am ALL over THAT idea, believe me. :-)


WOW! Very cool, congratulations, thank you Rod and go, Lisa!

Melissa the Weaver

This is very, very exciting! And you are the Bold Creative Woman to carry it out! good tidings, indeed!


Woot woot woot!!!! This is so very exciting - am thrilled for you!

Suzanne Wilsey

How exciting! Now that I spin, I am even more grateful to you for taking on this kind of crazy!


Wow Lisa, congratulations! You go girl!

Jennie Raymond

Oh, Congratulations, Lisa and Rod! This is great news for all of us and I'm sure you two will do a wonderful job!


So excited for you, Lisa!!! This sounds like the perfect fit!! Can't wait to see where this takes you! Congrats!!!


I can't think of anything to say other than "Brava!" Wishing you much success.


ZOMG. Congratulations! I am so happy you have taken this on.


You two are my heros! Very best of luck and great thanks for continuing with a noble endeavor.

Lyle Rice

Fantastic! Amazing what the universe provides just when we think we have it all figured out.

Looking forward to seeing you and Rod at Stitches West.




Wow! So we can buy undyed crack from you now, as well as our dyed crack??


Wonderful news! Congratulations Lisa!

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