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Wow.......just Wow!

Amy Singer

Lisa, this is awesomely exciting news! Personally, I need to meet this yak/tussah in person. When can I order some?



Yay, Congratulations, and Best Wishes! The website is gorgeous, btw!

Allison Hooper

So excited for you Lisa! Congrats!

Lisa Souza

Thanks so much! It has been quite the process and just when I was at my most whiny, Melissa would remind me that she started this business with nothing more than an idea and never knew if ANYONE would either talk to her or send her stuff, once she sent them her life savings. I quit whining and hung on for another day. :-)


first, Congrats! I think that going into any new business is scary. Dealing with differnet languages, curency and customs.. been there. It can go eiher way, anytime. Have fun with it and remember that it is, afterall, just business.


Congrats!! And I loved the pictures of the delivery that you posted to FB :-)

Karla V Muntane

Congratulations Lisa! All will be worth it. Sometimes, the best decisions in our life are the ones we are not 100% sure of. You will do wonderfully and we will be there to support you. Looking forward to meet' all those yummy fibers. :)


Phew. What drama! I am so happy to hear a happy ending.


Go Lisa! And Rod! So glad you're off and running and happy with it.

Do we non-business-owners get to buy some of this heavenly stuff too? Will you be dyeing it yourself to sell? Pretty please?

Lisa S

I have been dyeing much of it for some time but this will be the first for the magnificent A!Mulberry Silk/Superfine Merino and the Yak blends.
Time to whisper to your local fiber purveyor(s) (Nathania) and we will be happy to get some into their hands!

Renee Rothmann

Oh man, this means I have to learn how to spin, doesn't it? I was drooling over your descriptions and I don't have any idea what to do with this stuff but it sounds fantastic.


You are just awesome. I, like the others, wish you the best in this endeavor. Please unclench your've got support, although I can understand you've laid your money on the line and you do not want to let down what people expect from you and the company.


White yak with bombyx.... I'm pretty sure my heart just skipped a beat.

Will be contacting you this week with my deets.

I very much know this FedEx horror with importing which is why I stopped importing. You have wayyyyy more patience than I do.

Lisa Souza

The white ("de-pigmented) yak is blended with a pale Tussah, AnnaMarie. The resulting look is that of a towhead. So beautiful.
I think that because of Customs falling under the banner of Homeland Security, the wait CAN be longer these days. You can send me an email through the site and I will be happy to send on the price list.

Lisa Souza

Oh yes, and I forgot...I have ordered more from them, already...before the first shipment arrived! We will have Mongolian Cream Cashmere/Tussah Silk. Now that I have seen the yak blend, I now know why someone asked me to get this cashmere blend. Yowza.


WOW! What a stressful time! So glad it worked out and you definitely on your way! GO GIRL!!


Sounds WONDERFUL. I hope you will be wholesaling some of this great stuff to yourself to dye and sell to us! (You HAVE cloned yourself, right??)

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