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Cheryl Taylor

Best of luck on the new diet! I'll be watching your blogs for more info.


Good for you Lisa!! Keep it up, I also started seeing a nutritionist and she told me the same thing, Eat eggs , meat,nuts , some veggies and stay away from sugars they just make you want more and keep you addicted. Haven't lost any weight yet ! Having trouble staying with tis new diet with everyone else eating all the good stuff at home.


Hint: i now fill my altoid tin with whole almonds. When I need a snack,I go to my purse and grab the tin!


I have also found that once I eliminated glutens (i.e. bread, pasta), I went from having a chronic acid reflux issue to almost no instances of reflux. When I fall off the wagon, the acid reflux comes back. Your experience has inspired me to commit harder to this type of eating, because the reflux is horrible.

Lisa S

Milissa, it seems that the elimination of wheat had been a HUGE factor. I used to think that it was spicy food or tomato based foods, but when you eliminate these suspect foods, it is amazing what you will find, especially if you try to add them back in and have issues. I do not miss wheat. I had 4 or 5 crisps made from corn and rice flour, with guacamole, last night and had no reaction.

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